So I saw reaction/respond videos to the horrible prank that Sam pepper guy did where he pinches girls on their ass and I have a story of my own.

I was at work one day, stocking out and I felt a hand on my waist. Instinctively I turned around and punched whoever it was in the stomach, it was a guy who would always come to the store to mess around with everyone. He held his stomach as he almost fell to the floor.

He never got near me again and kept his distance.



Really, really fucking disappointed in Shane Dawson but, unfortunately, not that surprised. Shane has used racism for humour throughout his Youtube career and is very rarely called out for it, or at least very rarely called out for it on a visible level (à la Sam Pepper). It’s one of the reasons I’ve never really gotten into Shane’s videos but it’s high time he is called out on it.